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    Московский компас

    Московский компас

Sport Labyrinth - it is a new spectacular version of mini-orienteering, which was created and cultivated by “Moscow Compass” company since 2002.
For Sport Labyrinth (SL) a special artificial terrain is constructed, which consist from traffic cones and plastic fences, which placed on the flat ground or asphalt.
Regular size of SL is 10-20m.

All cones might be used as control point with SI electronic system devices. On the map cones are shown as black dot and the net (fence) shown as thick black line.

Competitors goal
Every participant gets SI chip and map at the start.
Then as in classical orienteering competitor must go through the distances shown in the map and punch at the correct control points.
 At the finish participant gives his map and SI chip back and gets a result, informing about correct or wrong completing the distance.
There is no need for compass in Labyrinth. The map is oriented by checking position of the start place.
There are 4 levels of difficulties (from 1-easy, to 4-difficult) If the distance completed without mistakes after finishing the difficult level participant gets a small souvenir.
Everyone wishing (any age, any physical level) can take part in SL.
 Even if you do not know anything about orienteering. Free attendance.

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